01 Dec 2023

Launch Event: International Organization for Migration and Microsoft followed by Reception

  • Date
    02 Dec 2023, 18:00pm
  • Location
    Blue Zone | Climate Mobility Pavilion
  • Organizer

    IOM and Microsoft

Venue: Blue Zone, Climate Mobility Pavilion on 2 Dec. 18:00-20:00 UAE Time

The magnitude of worldwide displacements triggered by weather related events today illustrates the importance of developing a better understanding of the relationship between climate hazards and human mobility. New internal displacements due to storms, floods, wildfires, droughts, and extreme temperatures have been estimated at 21.9 million annually across the past decade (31.8 million in 2022) (IDMC, 2022) (Figure 1a), amounting to more than twice as many as those attributed to conflict. 
Migration induced by environmental factors such as climate change or disasters is on the rise, and only expected to increase. IOM is a leading organization on climate mobility, working at community and national levels to support prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Mitigation, early warning, early action and disaster risk reduction are key pillars in IOM interventions to support millions of women, men, and children, especially in a world of growing humanitarian emergencies. 
IOM has teamed up with technology leader - Microsoft to better harness the promise of migration to leverage data and technology to strengthen our operational response on the ground and truly harness the promise of migration. Through enhanced data capability, artificial intelligence and enhanced early warnings systems IOM will be able can better support people on the move.
As part of the IOM and Microsoft collaboration, the two entities will join forces to leverage data, technology and innovation to better understand how climate change is impacting mobility and enhance IOM’s capacity to support communities impacted by climate change.
On the sidelines of COP28, IOM and Microsoft will convene to share about their partnership and the potential of the two organizations coming together through transformational data enhancements and using innovative technologies to support people on the move and drive change


  • Highlight how the private sector can offer technology and innovation to enhance climate change actions to support people on the move and vulnerable communities
  • Launch the IOM and Microsoft Partnership with Agreement Signing

Please find more information and events on the COP28 page here.