20 Dec 2021

Mapping Climate Impacts, Risky Livelihoods, and Migration in East Africa: Bridging Research to Policy

  • Date
    31 Aug 2021, 13:00pm
  • Location

A virtual event that will provide a venue to discuss how climatic factors affect the character and outcomes of migration and displacement, as well as a venue to exchange lessons on ways to address the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities in the East African region.

During the event, PIK and IOM will launch a new publication "Assessing the Evidence: Climate Change and Migration in the United Republic of Tanzania". The report provides a comprehensive summary and analysis of the latest research on projected climate change impacts across East Africa; studies on human migration, mobility, and displacement trends in Tanzania; and current understandings of how the previous two issues are linked. By presenting a comprehensive livelihoods risk mapping that considers climatic stressors as well as the non-climatic co-stressors that influence communities’ abilities to withstand the worst impacts of climate change, the findings can be applied to the wider region and beyond. 

The report is accompanied by a summary brief in Swahili for policy actors and practitioners. 

•       Full report in English
•       Summary brief in Swahili

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