27 Mar 2023

Nap Expo Chile 2023: ‘Advancing Human Mobility in National Adaptation Plans: Where We are and How to Scale Up Ambition’

  • Date
    29 Mar 2023, 16:00pm
  • Location

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The progressive introduction of human mobility issues in the process of formulating and implementing NAPs has highlighted the complexity of the migration and climate change nexus. The session will encourage the exchange of useful practices and available resources on the integration of human mobility in NAPs and to raise awareness on adaptation ambition by discussing up-to-date best practices and challenges. This session is structured by participation from the three convening organizations and panelists from various National environmental agencies which have concrete practices addressing the issue of human mobility. It will potentially address issues related to the integration of human mobility in NAPs with a review of the latest evidence-based on policy analysis; cross-cutting climate adaptation and loss and damage policymaking; how to develop human mobility approaches in NAPs with examples from leading government challenges; data and evidence challenges; building bridges between migration policy, human rights, gender, disaster risk reduction and climate action.

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