28 Jun 2023

Thematic Workshop: Climate and Human Mobility

  • Date
    28 Jun 2023, 08:30am
  • Location
    Amphitheatre Mistral, Paris
  • Organizer

    GFMD Chair France


The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) has focused on the complex and extensive interrelationship between migration and development since its first edition in 2008, including the issue of forced displacement and migration in the context of disasters, climate change and environmental degradation. In line with international commitments to reduce the adverse effects of disasters, climate change and environmental degradation on migration and displacement, France, as Chair of the 2022-2023 GFMD wishes to engage the GFMD community in a dialogue aimed at defining concrete proposals to better understand, anticipate, mitigate and prepare for displacement linked to climate change and environmental degradation, support those most vulnerable to the consequences of these hazards, as well as consider migration as a lever for adaptation.

The workshop will explore key issues, including how different stakeholders can work together to bridge the gaps and foster constructive innovation in policy and science. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of context-specific approaches, ensuring inclusive progress that caters to the diverse needs of communities affected by climate change. Additionally, it will examine the potential consequences of policies to ensure that solutions do not inadvertently worsen vulnerabilities or inequalities.


  • Engage GFMD stakeholders and experts in a dialogue to identify ways to better address human mobility in the context of climate change. 
  • Highlight successful climate-resilient initiatives and support initiatives that meet the needs of those most affected by the consequences of climate change, including forcibly displaced populations.
  • Take stock of the state of progress made so far and identify possible ways to accelerate action.

Expected Results

  • Promote a better understanding of the links between human mobility, climate change and environmental degradation and hence a better understand of the current and future migration and displacement landscape.
  • Foster dialogue on sustainable development practices that reduce the impact of climate change on human vulnerabilities and promote opportunities of human mobility for sustainable development.
  • Discuss practices and operational recommendations to better address migration and displacement in the context of disasters, climate change and environmental degradation.


You can find the agenda for this event here.