20 Dec 2021

Virtual Event of the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative - "Putting People at the Center of Climate Action"

  • Date
    15 Nov 2021, 14:00pm
  • Location

The Africa Climate Mobility Initiative

Putting People at the Centre of Climate Action

Virtual Event

Rewatch the event here.


1. High-Level Opening:

  • Ms. Ugochi Florence Daniels, Deputy Director General for Operations, IOM
  • Ms. Sandra Breka, CEO, Robert Bosch Stiftung
  • Mr. Simeon Ehui, Regional Director for Sustainable Development for Africa, World Bank (confirmed)
  • Ms. Soham El Wardini, Mayor of Dakar

2. Understanding Climate Mobility Dynamics & Responses in Africa 

  • Dr. Francois Gemenne, University of Liege, Director, Hugo Observatory (Moderator)
  • Ms. Jane Linekar, Mixed Migration Centre, Global Coordinator
  • Dr. Aderomola Adeola, University of Pretoria, Global Engagement Network on Internal Displacement
  • Mr. Benjamin Ng´aru, East African Centre for Forced Migration & Displacement, Senior Officer
  • Ms. Alessandra Casazza, UNDP Manager, Resilience Hub for Africa

3. Anticipating Future Climate-Forced Mobility in Africa

  • Dr. Kanta Kumari Rigaud, World Bank, Led Environmental Specialist (Moderator)
  • Mr. Andrew Harper, UNHCR, Special Adviser on Climate Action
  • Dr. Alexander de Sherbinin, Columbia University, Associate Director, CIESIN
  • Dr. Laura Basco Carrera, Deltares, Program Manager
  • Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, United Nations, Director, UN Economic Commission for Africa

4. Closing

  • Mrs. Cisse Mariama Mohamed, AUC, Director for Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development