26 Jan 2022

Youth on the Move: A New Perspective on Climate Migration

  • Date
    18 Nov 2016, 13:00pm
  • Location
    Green Zone, COP22 Marrakesh

Contrary to common misconceptions, migrations linked to climate change impacts are real. But rather than massive, international population displacements, most of them are in fact domestic and on a long-term scale. Instead of fear or anger, one should realise this phenomenon is not just someone else’s issue: climate change will profoundly transform territories and societies both in developed and less-developed countries. It will have consequences and sometimes force people to move away. It will add up to other migration factors and increase the complexity and the occurrence of international and domestic displacements. It is now time to tackle this issue, as local and international solutions exist and can be implemented. Populations’ adaptation and migrants protection are feasible means to cope with the effects of climate change and to transform our world for the better.

The aim of this side event is to present a new perspective on climate migration, focused on the youth generation. As young people are the first concerned by this increasing phenomenon and will have no choice but to cope with it, they are legitimate to take part in the global debate on this issue and inspire as well as advance solutions. This side event will present the important role that youth have to play in this debate as well as some already existing youth initiatives. The event wishes to highlight areas where youth are already taking the lead on this issue : field work, exchanges between universities and presence in international negotiations.