EXCOM WIM - IOM Technical Meeting
27-29 July 2016, Casablanca, Morocco
Action Area 6: Migration, Displacement and Human Mobility
Pillar 1 - Enhancing knowledge and understanding
Pillar 2 - Strenghtening dialogue, coordination, coherence and synergies
Pillar 3 - Enhancing action and support
Draft recommendations
22ND Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division, 2016
IOM Contributions to the “Year of Climate” - Paris 2015
IOM 2015
Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change UNFCCC - Paris COP21
Advisory Group on Climate Change and Human Mobility, 2015
Migration in the INDCs and NDCs
IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change (MECC), 2016
Contributions of the International Organization for Migration to the Platform on Disaster Displacement
IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change (MECC), 2016

IOM at COP23 - Relevant Links

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Advisory Group on Human Mobility and Climate at COP23               

Report of the WIM/Excom to COP23                                                  

WIM COP23 Decision on Loss and Damage