The Nansen Initiative is a state-led, bottom-up consultative process intended to build consensus on the development of a protection agenda addressing the needs of people displaced across international borders in the context of disasters and the effects of climate change.

The overall goal of the Nansen Initiative is to build consensus among States on key principles and elements to protect people displaced across borders in the context of disasters caused by natural hazards, including those linked to climate change.

The planned outcome of this process is a protection agenda based on three pillars:

  2. STANDARDS FOR THE TREATMENT of affected people regarding admission, stay, status; and
  3. OPERATIONAL RESPONSES, including funding mechanisms and responsibilities of international humanitarian and development actors.

Project period: 2012-2015

The Nansen Initiative is primarily funded by the governments of Norway and Switzerland and also benefits from generous funding from the European Commission, Germany, and the MacArthur Foundation.

Nansen Initiative Secretariat
International Environment House
11-13 Chemin des Anemones
1219 Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 917 8205