Location: Niger

Lead Agency: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Funded by: IOM Development Fund

Duration: 1 November 2020 - 30 April 2022

Project Summary

In order to contribute to the development of policies responding to the challenges related to the migration, environment and climate change nexus in Niger, the project aims to equip key stakeholders and institutions (Ministry of the Environment and the Department of Migration of the Ministry of the Interior, civil society organizations) with knowledge and tools. This will be done through the development of a national study on the interrelation of migration, environment and climate change, to be used by all actors working on the nexus. It will also provide capacity-building of key actors and through the organization of a high-level national workshop where the results of the study and experiences of relevant actors (from Niger but also from the sub-region) will be discussed. This will lead to the formulation of recommendations, formalized in an inter-ministerial political note in order to promote and guide further integration of the nexus into public policies in Niger.