14th GFMD Summit
"From environmental concerns to cultural aspects of migration: adopting an inclusive approach to meet the challenges and increases the opportunities for human mobility"

France, acting as the 2022-2023 Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development is set to host the 14th Summit of the GFMD in Geneva from 23 to 25 January 2024. This high-level event, marking the conclusion of the French Chairmanship of the GFMD, will be hosted at the Geneva International Conference Centre.

The Summit will revolve around the central theme of this chairmanship is "The impact of climate change on human mobility" articulated with a cross-cutting approach through the other thematic priorities.

The agenda of the Summit can be found here.
Other relevant documents can be found here.


IOM Engagement on Environmental Topics at the 14th GFMD Summit

GFMD will host Side Events, Exhibitions and High Level engagements on environmental migration throughout the Forum.

IOM Director General  Ms. Amy Pope will speak at the Summit's Opening Ceremony on January 23rd, as well as on the High Level Panel on Human Mobility on "The reality and challenges of climate induced mobility today". She will also participate in the Government and mayors Networking Session "Localising Global Migration Goals to Accelerate the 2030 Agenda: Partnering with Local Governments Towards the Summit of the Future?" on January 25th.

IOM Deputy Director General Ms. Ugochi Daniels will also be present, participating on January 23rd as a jury member in the Migrants4Climate Award Ceremony, and as a speaker on the Summit's Roundtable 1: "The impact of climate change on human mobility: preventive action, humanitarian action and  development" (see more below).

IOM is also partnering with the Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD) in the exhibition of two booths at the Summit Marketplace: The CLIMB Database Booth and “Art Meets Migration & Development in a Changing Climate”.


GFMD Roundtables

At the 14th GFMD Summit, there will be organized several Roundtable Sessions that are designed to foster dynamic and inclusive discussions on the thematic priorities of the Chairmanship. The programme of the Roundtables is available here.

On 23 January, GFMD will host the first Roundtable Session on "The impact of climate change on human mobility: preventive action, humanitarian action, and development". In view of the roundtable discussion, the Governments of Argentina and Fiji as Co Chairs, Civil Society Mechanism and IOM as a pen holder, have developed a background paper to foster dialogue and to guide the conversation at the Summit. This background paper is available in English, French and Spanish here.


Environmental Migration related Sessions and Side Events at the 14th GFMD Summit

Title Event Type Organizer(s)  Location Date and Time
Opening Ceremony Ceremony GFMD CICG (Geneva), Amphitheatre D 23rd Jan, 10h15 - 11h15
High Level Panel on Human Mobility Panel GFMD CICG (Geneva), Room B & C 23rd Jan, 11h30 - 13h00
CLIMB Database Booth Booth PDD. IOM CICG (Geneva), 1st Floor, Booth 12 23-25 Jan
“Art Meets Migration & Development in a Changing Climate” Booth PDD, IOM CICG (Geneva), Ground Floor 23-25 Jan
The workforce for the future: international skills partnerships for the green and just transition Side Event ENABEL / IOM Room: CCV – Genève 23rd Jan, 12h30 - 14h00
Migrants4Climate (M4C) Award Ceremony Ceremony GFMD, CVF, IOM CICG (Geneva), Amphitheatre D 23rd Jan, 14h30 - 15h30
Roundtable 1: The impact of climate change on human mobility Roundtable GFMD CICG (Geneva), Room A 23rd Jan, 16h00 - 18h30
Leveraging the Impact of Migration on Sustainable Development through Innovative Multi-level Solutions Side Event UNDP, IOM, GFMD Mechanism CICG (Geneva), Room E 24th Jan, 9h00 - 10h30
Climate Change, Human Rights & Mobility: A multi-stakeholder dialogue for inclusive, sustainable and human rights-based solutions Side Event ANVITA, SIF, CARE France, SCCF, MYCP Geneva Room 24th Jan, 9h00 - 10h30
Regular Pathways in the Age of Climate Change:
Blending Policy, People, and Art
Side Event PDD, Caritas France, GFMD Civil Society Mechanism Room: CCV – Lausanne 24th Jan, 12h30 - 14h00
Gender-responsive migration narratives: GenMig insights on the centrality of migrants’ voices Side Event IOM CICG (Geneva), Room 4 24th Jan, 12h30 - 14h00
Diaspora Economic Potential for Sustainable Development:
Proven Strategies, Best Practices and Results
Side Event IOM, UNDP, IFAD, GFRDT, Government of Mexico CICG (Geneva), Room E 24th Jan, 12h30 - 14h00
Supporting Actions to Promote Solutions to Internal Displacement in a Changing Climate: A Conversation with Development Actors Side Event IDMC, UNDP, ADB, Government of Fiji Room: CCV – Genève 24th Jan, 17h00 - 18h30
Maximizing the social and economic opportunities of labour mobility for a just transition Side Event Government of Switzerland, ILO, GFMD Business Mechanism CICG (Geneva), Room 4 24th Jan, 17h00 - 18h30
Government and mayors Networking Session Networking Session GFMD Room: CCV – Genève 25th Jan, 13h30 - 15h00
Youth Leadership & Innovation Award for Migration
Pitch Competition
Ceremony MYCP, SIPA, IOM, UNICEF CICG (Geneva), Amphitheatre D 25th Jan, 13h30 - 15h00

The full programme of Side Events can be found here.



This information was taken from the official 14th GFMD Summit page